Thursday, May 26, 2011


Tattoo Colors – How to Choos
Tattoos are the permanent markup on the body in which ink is inserted into the layers of the skin to change the pigmentation of the skin. Since it is made on the body, it is necessary to choose colors in such a way as to protect our health and also to add beauty to the art.
Colors depict the human emotions and will cast impression about your nature on others. Red shows excitement and anger; green is measured for calm, serenity, and maybe a touch of envy; Blue is for calm but can be for sad. A tattooed dragon red with excitement and danger is a much different dragon than one yellow with good cheer and happiness. Choose the tattoo color that exactly describes your personality.
Some colors are sensitive to skin. They are allergic and cause rashes and hives. Test the color before you actually getting a tattoo. Tattoo colors also determine the method of tattoo removal. Some colors can be easily removed when you consider for the removal of a tattoo. Some colors causes pain. Mostly people opt for black and then blue. They do not fade easily and you can get them at low cost. If you go for multiple colors then test them on your body before actually getting them on your body.