Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tattoo Removal – Methods

 Tattoo Removal – Methods
People often feel bore to stick to one thing, though they love it. With the changing fashion at a faster rate and increasing creativity, new tattoo designs are coming in to the market rapidly. Though tattoo is a permanent markup on the body, there are methods to remove tattoo. Some are painful and some are easy. Most methods are painful as it should reach the lower levels of the skin. Tattoo colors also affect the method of removal.
Methods of Tattoo Removal:
Laser Method: In this process, laser is pointed on the skin where tattoo is marked. Then the laser pierces into the body and removes the tattoo. It requires four or 5 sessions depending on the size of the tattoo.
Dermabraison: this is a cosmetic procedure where the part of the skin having tattoo is made numb by applying cream. Then a small machine rubbed against the skin to break the layers of the skin and to remove tattoo. This also removes dead skin and makes your skin to look younger and healthier.
Excision: In this process, the skin having tattoo is cut off and sewn back and left it to heal. This is suitable if the skin is elastic and only for small tattoos.