Thursday, May 26, 2011

Popular Tattoo Designs

Popular Tattoo Designs
Tattoos popularity is growing day by day especially among the teenagers. Tattoo artists are creating interesting and attractive designs based on the culture, fashion trend, and the purpose. Being a permanent markup on the body and finds difficulty in removing, it is important for you to know the popular designs in the market.
Let’s see the most popular tattoo designs:
1. Flower Tattoos: Every flower represents something about the character of the person. Flower tattoos are most popular now-a-days. They even symbolize your nature. You can have these flower tattoos on the wrists and foot.
2. Angel or Fairy Designs: Fairies can be marked or used as tattoos in a different way; they can be drawn sexy, shy, beautiful, and bashful depending on your attitude and style. Choose colors to add glamor to the tattoo.
3. Sanskrit Writings: When you are particular about traditional or somewhat religious, then anything written in Sanskrit can be used as a tattoo. Sanskrit is becoming popular and it can be written in various styles.
4. Tribal Designs: tribal designs are more popular and you can have various innumerable designs.
5. Dragons: Dragons designs always have a prominent place in the tattooing world. Even though fashion trend changes, popularity for these designs never changes.
6. Celtic: Celtic knot designs are very much in this fashion trend. Though you are not interested in the Irish culture, it also appears stylish and fashionable.