Thursday, May 26, 2011

Safe Tattooing

What's safe tattooing?
This is a tattoo from specially trained person, with all the essential requisite sterilization devices, paints and tools, which are designed only for this work. However, this does not take place in someone who knows only ''good'' drawing, because the skin does not know eraser.
Often, especially very young people decide for first tattoo for someone who has a reputation as a cheap tattoo maker that ''full good” draws, and even has its own ''machine''.
It is usually made from ballpoint pen, are used for coloring various showers and inks, which are anything but suitable for drawing the skin, since they contain a variety of metallic substances and allergenic substances. The tattoo usually do not pay anything, or just a little for a grand effort of ''master'' and then ''proudly hiding'' masterpiece arise.
Thus, the so-called masters as carriers tattoo, unaware that their tattoos, not only that they did not at least cheap, but can also be dangerous.
The equipment, with which was made tattoo, may cause various allergies and infections, and may even be infected with dangerous diseases, such as. Hepatitis B and HIV, whereas domestic ''masters'' usually do not have the appropriate equipment for cleaning and sterilization of equipment and tools.
The basic equipment of each tattoo master is the Autoclave sterilizer and ultrasonic cleaner, because only thus can ensure the sterility and integrity of work tools. All other accessories should be made of surgical steel or special material, which is resistant to high temperature for sterilization.
During the work it is necessary to ensure maximum purity of the environment, the place where the tattoo is created and the personal protection of tattoo master.
It should be noted that the dyes used for tattooing, which is intended exclusively for this type of art, are usually made on the basis of pigment (paint pigment).

UV tattoos paintings

UV tattoos paintings
The U.S. has granted only a small number of types of UV inks, which the manufacturers of tattoos can be used in their work. These kinds of tattoos are at least once more expensive than conventional paintings. More frequent are the reactions at the UV ink, which can run from itching all the way to the dermatitis. According to some data, the ink contained allergens and cause cancer. Frequent exposure to sun can cause yellow-brown coloring tattoos, and because of the complex procedure and the possibility of medical complications, many manufacturers this type of UV tattoos paintings refuse.
Regardless of what tattoo you choose, I recommend you choose the professional manufacturer of tattoos, which will be able to realize your idea. About the procedure, pain, potential side effects and maintaining a fresh tattoo are the best to contact the contractor. Applies to know, however, that the skin on this painting react different.