Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tattoos for Girls - Sexy places for Tattooing

Tattoos for Girls - Sexy places for Tattooing
Being a symbol of popular culture, tattoos create a fashion statement, especially for modern women. Now-a-days women are more particular about style, recognition, and looks. Girls are choosing these tattoos also to woo the men. Tattoos are permanent mark up, though we have removal methods, but it’s too costly. Before deciding to mark a tattoo, be clear about the place on which you want to have tattoo and design.
Let’s see the popular and sexy places for tattoos for girls:
Ankle: A tattoo on ankle will surely attract men. Surveys found out that most men find ankle of women as sexy.
Little above Hip: When you wear low waist jeans or bikini, tattooing on little above of your hip will be amazing. It plays hide and seek with men drawing their attention completely.
Tailbone: A tattoo on your tailbone does real wonders. It really looks sexy and appears when you lean for something. People definitely attracts to such tattoos.