Thursday, May 26, 2011

Invisible Tattoo

Invisible Tattoo
You want tattoos, but for which you do not want to be visible to everyone? You have two solutions; you can choose for a hidden place or invisible tattoo, which will be lighting in the dark and under UV light.
Today, tattoos are something quite normal. In the hidden and less hidden places are present in all sizes and colors. All of the simple images are tattoos with different shadowing techniques, ranks as the body art paintings. A little less known, however, are the UV tattoos, which are at the normal light almost invisible.
Classic UV tattoo on daylight is difficult to identify. The skin remains the outline of its design, while the UV color paintings visible as characteristic of traditional tattoos, the colors are slightly brighter. Especially popular are among the youth, such as the paintings used as an additive fashion. They also affect people who because of their usual occupation tattoos can not afford. Doubts about UV tattoo